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Meet Crystal L. Fedeli

Hi! My name is Crystal Fedeli. Welcome to LOVE Your Life where we provide alcohol use disorder recovery coaching especially using the Sinclair Method but as well as other evidence-based medication-assisted treatments, financial recovery coaching with the goal of becoming debt free, weight loss coaching using the keto lifestyle, and personal organization coaching. 


My Story

LOVE Your Life was birthed out of my former struggles turned into my victories.


Due to being a former victim of early chronic childhood trauma, subsequently becoming a recipient of Division of Child Protection & Permanency Services (child protective services in New Jersey), and shortly after parents losing custody, I suffered from 2 conditions as a result. I also had a condition I suffered from due to my biology that took me many years to find the treatment that finally worked for me. Although I was diagnosed with all 3 conditions at 25 years of age and I was able to then immediately receive treatment that worked for the first 2 conditions, I was not able to find treatment that actually worked for the third condition for 4 more years after that, until 29 years of age. I suffered all of those years without knowing I had diagnosable conditions that had actual treatment that could help me heal. FINALLY there was an answer for why I was the way I was and why I struggled so much with daily life. 


My Victory Over...

Mental Health & Alcohol Use Disorder

I suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder, but did not even know until I was diagnosed at 25 years of age. Although I was able to start healing from these 2 conditions I still struggled with another condition for 4 more years despite also being diagnosed at 25 years of age due to our current system's incorrect understanding and approach to this specific condition.


At 25 years of age I was also diagnosed with Alcohol Use Disorder, but I did not finally recover from alcohol use disorder until the age of 29 when I finally found the Sinclair Method. What I could not do in 8 long years under our system's current abstinence-based approach achieved with sheer willpower, I was able to accomplish within 2-3 months on the Sinclair Method! The Sinclair Method gave me my life back and now I do not struggle with over drinking, cravings or obsessive thoughts about alcohol! While the Sinclair Method was the answer for me, I support the Sinclair Method as well as expanding the treatment options we make available to those suffering from substance use disorder at large. We are all unique humans and so treatment is not going to be a one-size-fits-all!


Debt & My Financial Freedom

I also used to struggle with having peace of mind financially. It was not until 2019 when I also came the realization that debt was the source of my financial struggles and unrest. Now I am on my way to paying off all of my debt, becoming debt free, never borrowing money again, and then I'll be on my way toward building wealth!


My Health & Body Image

I also used to struggle with my weight for years beginning right after I first suffered sexual abuse as a child. Right after I started to suffer that abuse I gained roughly 50 pounds as a preteen and I never lost it. When I was in my early 20s I wanted to lose 15-20 pounds (even though now looking back I looked amazing) but could not do it.


Fast forward to after I had my first child, I needed to lose about 40 pounds and after my second child I needed to lose about 100 pounds. I tried diet after diet and exercise but nothing worked until I found the keto lifestyle! I was able to lose 35-40 pounds in 2 months, I took a break, and now am continuing my keto lifestyle to lose what remains to get down to my goal weight! Weight loss does not have to be hard, but I did not know what actually works until recently! 


My Mission to Help Others

I have allowed God to use everything I used to struggle with for my good and to now help others! When I provide coaching I can relate because I once struggled, but found my answer and I would love to help you find your answers and help coach you until you reach your goals!

So are you ready?! Let's help you reach your goals and create the life you want to live!




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