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Reasons the Scale May Not Be Moving or Your Clothes Are Not Fitting Looser on the Keto Lifestyle

You finally began, you have been disciplining yourself, you experienced the keto flu for A WEEK! Yes, that's right, EXHAUSTED for a WEEK! Why are you a week, almost 2, into the keto lifestyle and not seeing the scale move or feeling your clothes fitting looser. You are thinking these past week, almost 2 was for nothing, you could have been enjoying the foods you love!

There may be reasons why you are not seeing the scale move or your clothes fitting looser practicing the keto lifestyle. This was something I experienced my second time around practicing the keto lifestyle and I was frustrated to say the least and below is what was my answer.

1. You have to count carbs

Counting carbs is essential for losing weight on keto and those carbs add up fast! Did you know a healthy and encouraged food on the keto lifestyle is an avocado, but did you know an avocado has 12 grams of carbs?! Pair that with a shake where you add a cup of strawberries, another food encouraged on the keto lifestyle, and you have another 11 carbs. More than half your daily carb intake right in one snack! You could easily rack up too many carbs in one day on keto lifestyle food and kick yourself right out of ketosis or in the beginning of the lifestyle make it take longer for your body to get into ketosis. So count those carbs!

2. You have to count your sugar intake

Make sure to count that sugar intake! This one may be a bit easier especially if you are staying away from sugary food and snacks, but make sure you keep track of those sugars too! Your sugar intake should be next to 0 or as close to it as possible.

3. Yes, you still have to keep track of calories

Yes, you still have to keep track of calories! The most important is limiting your carb and sugar intake, yes, but you still need a calories deficit so you are burning more off than you are putting in your body.

Solution: Keep a Food Intake Journal (stay tuned, Crystal L. Fedeli Coaching will be selling one soon!)

So, keep track of your daily food and beverage intake! Keep track of what and how much, carb and sugar intake, and calorie intake.

If you have been having trouble or if you are just beginning the keto lifestyle, doing this you will have much more success!

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You are wonderful, marvelously breathtaking, and a masterpiece <3,

Crystal L.